Many people are unaware of the Home Carer’s Tax Credit or unsure if it applies to them.

Who can Claim?

  • A couple in a marriage or civil partnership where one spouse or civil partner cares for one or more dependent persons at home.
  • The spouse or civil partner is jointly assessed for tax
  • Home Carer’s income must not exceed €7,200 for the tax year.

A Dependent:

  • must not be a spouse or civil partner,
  • is a child for whom Department of Social Protection Child Benefit is payable,
  • is a person aged 65 years or over,
  • is a person who has a physical/mental disability requiring care 
  • must normally live with the couple or if they are relatives they can live outside your home in a neighbouring residence within 2 kilometres of claimant.

The amount of Relief due:

  • Full tax credit due if the Home Carer’s is not more than €7,200. 
  • A reduced tax credit is due if your income income is between €7,200 – €10,400 (2020).
  • If you earn over €10,400 then you are not due the credit.
  • The Home Carer Tax Credit rate is €1,600 for 2020.

For information on how you can claim the Home Carer’s Tax Credit contact us on 087 096 9950. You can also complete our online application form here.

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Useful Irish Tax Facts:

  • The Irish tax year runs from 1st January to 31st December
  • You can go back 4 years for your Irish tax refund
  • The average Irish PAYE tax refund is €1080
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